Cheat on You 

I don't think it's funny
You've been cheating on me honey
I've seen it happen and I've had enough
So I'm gonna do something terrible to you
That's why tonight I'm all dressed up
I'm gonna cheat on you
Cheat on you
If you don't think it's fair, I don't really care
When the tables turn, you better grab a chair

I might call up an ex for some Tyrannosaurus Sex
And if that makes you cry, I'm glad
She might be a floozy and I'll swim in her Jacuzzi
Pardon me, I don't mean to brag
But I'm gonna cheat on you
Cheat on you
I'll handle it with grace as I rub it in your face
And call you in the morning from her place

Blame it all on Cupid
Maybe he needs glasses or maybe he's just stupid
Love is for the dodos
And I think you'll agree when I show you the photos

When you cheated on me sweetie 
You gave me a freebie--
A one-way ticket to revenge
Everybody has their limits
All I need is fifteen minutes
And with some luck one of your best friends
To cheat on you
Cheat on you
And if it's a menage a tois
You're not invited ha ha ha
But you know I still love you
na na na na...