Cinderella's Midnight Surprise 


Her father says, "Cinderella, the hour has come.
I'm giving you a bullet, you must go and find the gun
That has a barrel which this bullet fits. 
It won't be easy, Cindy, because only one exists,
And the man who owns the gun,
No matter who or what he may be
Will take you as his bride. Goodbye Cindy baby."

Cinderella cries, "Oh, to leave you brings me sorrow,
But I know joy awaits me in the forests of tomorrow.
I trust in you, my father, as I trust in God above.
I shall find the gun. I shall find the man I'll love.
Eagerly I go into this unknown world I've yet to see.”

Her father sighs, "Things are as they shall be."

 Meanwhile in the distance, in a sunset headed west,
Two lovers argue over who loves the other best.

Cinderella rides in her silver wedding gown,
Past the crippled drummer boy, to the battleground.
Her body trembles. Her knees go weak.
An arena full of soldiers are killing cheek to cheek.
The moment she arrives, the smoking cannons hush.

Tucking in their shirts, down the generals rush.
"Hello hello," she says. "Everybody listen.
My name is Cinderella, I'm a princess on a mission.
I'm holding here a bullet and whoever has the gun
Which this bullet fits is quite a lucky one
For he shall be my husband." Cinderella searches
Their weapons one by one, stepping over corpses.

 Meanwhile in a room, the lovers get undressed
And argue with each other who loves the other best.

The final soldier stands, infernos in his eyes,
Clawing at his bandage like a lunatic, he cries,
"I see burning mansions. I see burning stairs.
I see love overcome the horror and despair."
She wraps her arms around herself,  shattered by the misery.
Falling on his saber, he dies against her knees.

 She picks up the gun from the dead soldier's hand.
The bullet fits perfectly. She says, "I understand
How love can overcome. I can hear my true love call,"
Lays the gun against her breast,and lets the hammer fall.

Her father back at home shivers from within
And mutters to himself, "Things are as they have always been."

Meanwhile in the hall echoes murmur as if ghosts
Of enemies that argue who hates the other most.