Death of a Turkey

The death of a turkey
The turkey is me
Standing by the barnyard fence
Watching the autumn leaves
They're heating up the oven
They're sharpening the axe
I think about cranberry sauce and pilgrims
And try to relax
Please excuse my awkwardness
But this dying thing, I'm new at this
And I must admit some nervousness
And terrorness

Goodbye goodbye
I'm gonna fly
To that turkey farm in the sky

I walk around in circles, clucking, clucking
Twist and shake my head
It won't be very long 
'Til I'm up to my neck in bread
I've emptied out my feeder
I've cleaned my water bowl
I've looked into the puddles
I've looked inside my soul
Don't leave me now in my distress
'Cause before I pass beyond this fence
I've got some final sentiments
I need to express
To all my turkey brothers
To all my turkey friends
To all my turkey sisters and lovers and teachers
This is the end for this here turkey
All our turkey traumas
Our finer turkey arts
Yhose special turkey times
Ya'll in my turkey heart
And to my turkey God
Please forgive my turkey sins
Oh and please next time
Don't make me a turkey again
'Cause can't you turkeys see
Being a turkey ain't easy
'Cause turkeys are tasty
And to tell you the truth dumb
Every fence I see, t-t-t-turkeys we be
Trying to be free
c'est la vie

The death of a turkey:
But I'm gonna be a swan
Here's a feather to remember me once I'm gone